Samsung 30Q 18650 3A Battery

Samsung 30Q  18650 3A Battery

3000mAh Battery

Li-Ion Technology



  • Always use a battery charger that is rated for Li-ion cells
  • Batteries should never be left charging unattended
  • Batteries should never be loose in pocket or bag (a carry case is recommended).
  • Batteries usually have a cycle life of between 200-500 cycles (varies with manufacturer) before noticable capacity drop off. Batteries should be recyled at this time.
  • Never continue to use a battery with a broken PVC wrap.
  • Never completely discharge batteries
  • Do not expose to extreme heat
  • Do not use these cells in a Mechanical Device.
  • User assumes all associated risk.
  • Vapour Blue will not be held responsible for any personal injury as a direct result of misuse or safety negligence. Please be aware of  the risk with Lithium-Ion cells before ordering.


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