Vaping Jargon

With over 2 million ex-smokers now using electronic cigarettes in Britain and the numbers continuing to rise, although not a smoking cessation, this popular and effective alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes has created some commonly used names to describe this relatively new product.

Examples: Sub-ohm, Atomizer and Dry burn.

This jargon and terminology can be confusing to the consumer, so we have listed the common phrases used by some consumers and reviewers with a brief description to explain what these products are or what they mean.

The following list of terms should clarify most of the Jargon used but should you require any further information or clarification, please contact Vapour Blue directly.

Originally referring to a specific electronic cigarette developed in China. The 510 electronic cigarette was widely imitated thus becoming a standard of sorts in the industry, because of this the connection threads on most models of e-cigarettes is called a 510 connection and this can be Male or Female.

All Day Vape An E-Liquid flavour that satisfies your palate all day.

The device used to transform a liquid into a fine spray or vapour. Vapour Blue does not use this term.

B&M Bricks & Mortar
References Vapour Shops with a physical location that can be visited.

The power source for the personal vaporiser or electronic cigarette. (Vapour Blue refers to the whole device that provides the power and is often a sealed, controllable unit as the battery, we also provide batteries only for non-Vapour Blue supplied/non-sealed units.

The PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine) mix/ratio in a bottle of E-Liquid.

Box Mod
This is a box shaped e-cigarette with replaceable or none replaceable batteries.

Cartridges with atomizers built into them. These can be disposable or refillable.

A plastic or metallic tube-like reservoir that is usually filled with a wicking material. Vapour Blue uses the term Cartridge to describe the whole part that connects to the battery, i.e. the tank that holds the E-Liquid, fitted atomiser, fitted heating coil/wick combination and mouth piece.

A clear casing or reservoir with an atomizer built in that utilizes a wick to transfer E-Liquid to the atomizer or the heating component. Vapour Blue uses the term Cartridge to describe the whole part that connects to the battery, i.e. the tank that holds the E-Liquid, fitted atomiser, fitted heating coil / wick combination and mouth piece.

Cloud Chaser
E-Cigarette users who enjoy trying to create large clouds of vapour, often obtained by using high VG (Vegetable Glycerine) E-liquids, high wattage batteries and low resistance coils.

The often replaceable heating element that fits inside the atomizer. Vapour Blue uses this term to describe the part of the cartridge that contains the wick and coil combination, it heats the E-Liquid and needs to be replaced at regular intervals.

A sanitary cover for the mouthpiece of a cartridge when testing flavours. Vapour Blue uses the term tester cap.

These terms refer to E-liquids without nicotine that can be used to add flavour and reduce nicotine content of another E-Liquid containing Nicotine. Vapour Blue does not use this term.

Drip Tip/Mouth Piece
Originally referring to a cartridge mouth piece with a wide enough bore to allow direct E-Liquid dripping onto the coil of the cartridge. This also refers to the mouth piece of a standard cartridge. Vapour Blue uses the term Mouth Piece to describe the fitted or removable mouthpiece of a cartridge.

The act of manually dripping small quantities of E-Liquid onto a wick and heating element, as oppose to the normal filling of a cartridge with E-Liquid, this process is often used by enthusiast / specialist users.

Dry Burn
This is a method of cleaning atomizers or coils by heating them till they glow red hot, the wicking material would have been removed in most cases prior to heating, and this system is often used by enthusiasts/specialist who may like to build their own heating coils and apply their own wicking system.

Dry Hit
Taking a draw of an electronic cigarette when the cartridge is almost empty of E-Liquid and the wicks are dry or taking a draw before the wicking material has had time to absorb the E-Liquid, this produces an unpleasant tasting flavour (often a taste impossible to remove without replacing the wick and coil combination).

An electronic cigarette.

An e-cigarette battery style that offers two different thread types. Usually a pen shaped device in appearance. May also refer to the common “eGo” style connection thread (larger than the 510 referred to earlier) that is a second or outer thread on a battery or cartridge connection.

The fluid that is used to fill cartridges, tanks or drippers and used in conjunction with an electronic cigarette, this can be with or without Nicotine.

Flavour Ghosting
The previous E-Liquid flavour used prior to changing the E-Liquid flavour. In the case of Strong Flavours that do not mix very well with other flavours, Vapour Blue recommends that the flavour should be changed at the time of replacing the wick and coil combination and after also giving the cartridge a good clean to remove traces of the previous flavour.

When too much E-Liquid is applied to the atomizer resulting in a decreased vapour production, gurgling noises, and possible E-Liquid juice leaking into the drip tip or out of the air intake holes on a cartridge, this can happen when the cartridge is exposed to temperatures higher than the surrounding temperature or if the cartridge is left in direct sunlight, if the cartridge is exposed to heat or a change in external pressure.

Lung Hit
Lung Hit Inhaling vapour directly to the lungs, this is usually done at high wattage with sub-ohm low resistance coils or drippers. Some of the known down sides of this is that you use more E-Liquid, go through coils quicker and battery life during the day is dramatically reduced compared to normal system usage, it’s definitely not for everyone! Users of this system would normally use low – very low nicotine % / high VG E-liquids.

Mechanical Mod
A mechanical mod is an unregulated type of device. There is no circuitry in the Mechanical mod to keep the voltage steady throughout the life of the battery. As the Mechanical Mod is running directly off the battery you can’t increase or decrease the voltage and the vapour will slowly become weaker over the charge depletion and lifespan of the battery.

Mouth Hit/Mouth to Lung
Drawing vapour into the mouth before inhalation. May or may not be followed by inhalation into the lungs.

Ohm (Ω)
A measure of electrical resistance. A lower number indicates lower resistance resulting in faster, higher temperature heating.

Pass Through
An option on some electronic cigarette devices that allows use of the product while charging.

An acronym for Personal Charger Case. A small power pack used to charge slim-line type electronic cigarettes well on the move.

PG (Propylene Glycol)
PG is one of the main base components of E-liquids. PG is used in many applications.

PV (Personal Vaporizer)
This is another name for an electronic cigarette.

Regulated Mod
Modified electronic cigarette that contains a regulated electronic chip and safety measures.

Refers to the ability of electricity to travel through the heating element (coil) in the cartridge of an electronic cigarette.

Stealth Vaping/Ghosting
The act of using an electronic cigarette in such a way that it produces very little vapour. Usually by holding in the vapour and then slowly swallowing before the exhale is visible.

An oxidation process that occurs between the flavouring, nicotine and base components of E-Liquid often giving the E-Liquid extra time to become more flavourful.

A resistance reading below 1.0 Ohm, low resistant coils are usually found in cartridges or drippers designed for direct lung inhalation and used in combination with a high wattage (Sub- Ohm capable) battery.

E-Liquid reservoir that holds the E-Liquid, atomizer, Coil Vapour Blue use the term Cartridge to describe the complete component that connects to the battery.

The diameter and style of the thread connection on an electronic cigarette or accessory.

Throat Hit
Refers to the back of the throat feeling when inhaling E-Liquid vapour.

The act of using an electronic cigarette.

VG (Vegetable Glycerine)
Another main base component of E-Liquid. It has also been widely used as a sweetener in food items.

VV (Variable Voltage)
Refers to a device/battery, which allow the user to change the voltage up or down.

The component of a cartridge that soaks up E-Liquid allowing it to pass through the atomizer before it vaporises. Vapour Blue’s core products are wick and coil combinations, the wick on it's own cannot be changed.